The true blue effect

Being true-blue is to have unwavering commitment and loyalty; an apt name for this perfectly royal blue Two Piece Suit that will be at your service whenever needed

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-   Effortlessly Stylish  -

Shop from an intelligently curated style menu where all fabrics within each look will elegantly match and complement each other, all the while enabling you to customize a number of features that will truly define you.

Heritage House
Business Redefined
US $440
Heritage House
Distinguished Gentleman
US $400
Heritage House
Smart Caz
US $130
Heritage House
The Power Suit
US $440
Heritage House
To the Nines
US $490
Heritage House
The True Blue Effect
US $380



Bespoke Tailoring is an art and science. Explore how we have meshed the two to ensure an unparalled and fully customized fit and style unique to each person using our Fit-Tech.

Heritage House


Heritage House


Heritage House


Heritage House


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Heritage House
Heritage House
Heritage House
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Heritage House
Heritage House


What Our Customers Say

Thank you Raj. Suits are amazing. Bringing a whole crew of people for you on your next visit.

Thomas Chianese

I hope all is well with you. I wanted to thank you again for the suits that you made for my brother and me. We are actually about to wear them for a wedding today!

Sohrob Raja

I hope you and your team is well. Suits and shirts received and fit perfectly. Thank you for your assistance. Stay safe, Looking forward to wearing one of these as soon as I can!

Nicholas Johnson