How it Works: Designed for a Truly Bespoke Experience  

Perfectly tailored, stylish custom suiting is always the result with Heritage House. To maximize convenience for our customers, we offer 2 ways to enjoy our truly bespoke experience.

Heritage House Custom Tailor App

Step 1: Download app: HH Custom Tailor
Step 2: Set up your profile
Step 3: Customize your clothes
Step 4: Get measured using our secure Fit-tech Digital Measuring Tool (overlay algorithmic sizing if you choose)
Step 5: Place your order

Live Experiential Format

Step 1: Register to be notified when Heritage House is in your city
Step 2: Make your reservation
Step 3: Arrive at location to be measured, customize, select, and order your bespoke garments

Orders arrive in 2-3 weeks. Learn more about shipping .

Your measurements and order history are saved to your profile, regardless of whether your measurements were taken through the app or at a live event, making it easy to reorder in the future.