Heritage House The true blue effect

Being true-blue is to have unwavering commitment and loyalty; an apt name for this perfectly royal blue Two Piece Suit that will be at your service whenever needed

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Shop from an intelligently curated style menu where all fabrics within each look will elegantly match and complement each other, all the while enabling you to customize a number of features that will truly define you.

Heritage House
Business Redefined
US $445
Heritage House
Distinguished Gentleman
US $430
Heritage House
Smart Caz
US $155
Heritage House
The Power Suit
US $445
Heritage House
To the Nines
US $515
Heritage House
The True Blue Effect
US $380

Fit-tech Digital Measuring

Heritage House Custom Tailors is known for its Live Experiential Format Events in major cities across the globe. To make it easier for anyone interested in experiencing high quality, bespoke tailoring of Heritage House, we are proud to announce that through our HH Custom Tailor App, you can experience precise measurements saved to your profile with the ability to order custom tailored garments on demand through the click of a button.

Heritage House Custom Tailor

Heritage House Learn More LIVE EXPERIENTIAL FORMAT Come meet us in person for a professional measurement and the opportunity to see finished product, fabric options, and discuss customizations. May 15
May 16 & May 17
May 18
May 19
May 20
May 22
May 23 & May 24
May 27 & May 28
May 29, May 30 & May 31
June 2 & June 3
June 4
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June 8
June 9 & June 10
Dates San Francisco, CA
Fairfield, CA
Walnut Creek, CA
San Jose, CA
Denver, CO
Memphis, TN
New Orleans, LA
Baltimore, MD
Washington, D.C
Philadelphia, PA
Detroit, MI
Albuquerque, NM
El Paso, TX
Tucson, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Las Vegas, NV

How it Works: Designed for a Truly Bespoke Experience

Heritage House Custom Tailor

Heritage House Custom Tailors accurately takes your specific measurements and stores them in your profile. You can have your measurements taken in two different ways - online through our app or in person at one of our many Live Experiential Formats to most conveniently work with your schedule and preferences. No matter which way you choose, your measurements will be stored in your profile to access at any time to customize and order your garments perfectly fitted to you.

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Heritage House Custom Tailor
Heritage House Custom Tailor


What Our Valued Customers Say

Thanks to Raj and team. I will be bringing a whole crew with me next time you are in town so they can also experience your high quality tailoring.

Thomas, NYC, Customer since 2012

Wanted to express my sincere gratitude again to Heritage House. My brother and I wore our custom suits to a wedding last weekend and got tons of compliments!

Sohrob, Atlanta, Customer since 2018

I could not be more pleased with the fantastic overcoat and three piece suit I ordered. I tried them on the second I received the shipment and they fit perfectly! The overcoat quality is really amazing. I can’t wait to show them off.

Nicholas, Chicago, Customer since 2009