About Heritage House Custom Tailors  

Family owned and operated since 1979, Heritage House Custom Tailors was founded on the guiding principles of chivalry: honor, courage, humility, and loyalty. For over 40 years, Heritage House has grown and evolved while always staying true to these principles. Originated in Bangkok, Thailand as a brick and mortar tailor shop, we have expanded globally through our Live Experiential Format in major cities across the globe. To allow for enhanced convenience for our customers, Heritage House also supports digital measurement and ordering. Whether you experience us live or online, you will receive the same consistent, high quality traditions of a genuinely bespoke and custom tailored product.

A Legacy of Quality

Owner Raj Kriangsaksakul has been at the helm of Heritage House Custom Tailors for over 20 years. Building upon the solid foundation started by his father in 1979, Raj has made it his mission to preserve the same dedication to quality and building and growing relationships with his customers. Getting to know his customer's personalities and preferences - in addition to their measurements - is what truly distinguishes Raj and Heritage House from other bespoke tailors. With Heritage House, customers can reliably expect a consistent, high quality experience every step of the way. This is why Heritage House not only keeps customers for a lifetime, but also receives many customer referrals - the best compliment we can receive!