Frequently Asked Questions  

Why do I need to register? Do I need to register?

The registration process is a very simple one and was only created to ease the customer’s online shopping experience. In doing so, it will help the customer pull up, update and track their orders more efficiently. Apart from a customer’s credit card information, which is never stored on the server, information such as name, address, and measurements are stored for the customer to manage future orders. Please read the section titled “Privacy Policy” to determine how your personal information is handled.

Can a style not found on the website be custom made for me?

If you would like us to custom make garments in a style not displayed or available on our website, please contact us with an image so that we can further discuss the possibility to create an item truly unique to you.

Can I modify any stylistic features within a look offered within an existing curated collection?

Heritage House collections are exclusively designed based on our fashion and design experience and expertise. The available fabric selections were also selected via a combination of trends and a desire to maintain cohesiveness of design amidst personalized customization within a look. Ensuring your satisfaction and creating a look that is truly your own, Heritage House is certainly amenable to accommodating changes to the design elements within a look. If you would like to discuss modifications, please please contact us or make a comment upon checking out, and we will be happy to accommodate the changes in the design elements accordingly.

How can I get the color I need which is not shown in the website?

It may be possible that a particular color or fabric pattern is not included on our website. Please email us and give us an indication of which types or colors of fabric patterns you prefer, and we will gladly email you some samples for your further selection.

How can I be sure that my measurements are correct?

Heritage House has created a simple, yet very effective and user friendly method which guides you through the sizing component of your shopping experience. The engine behind the important questions we ask and the correct answers we receive, is a formalized version of the large data set of information that we have accumulated over time and experience, and have created algorithmic full body measurement sets that is eventually unique to each person.

Can I make any changes after I have placed the order?

In the case where a customer would like to make some changes to the styles, type of fabric or colors chosen, after placing an order, the status of the order will have to be checked by us (Heritage House) prior to confirming the changes. It would undoubtedly be a priority for us to try and incorporate any changes that are made post ordering to the best of our abilities. Please feel free to email us at asap if any changes may be required after an order is placed.

How do you ship the order?

All orders are shipped using premium courier services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, to name a few.

What is your return policy?

Heritage House will take great care in maintaining total customer satisfaction and retaining customer loyalty. Should there be an inadvertent error made on our part, please email us and we will do all the necessary adjustments and/or replacements and reship the order to the customer. Any claims to the order need to be informed to us within 30 days after receiving the items. Please email us your concerns and our customer service team will immediately get back to you with the next process.

Can I cancel my order?

An order having been placed cannot be cancelled. This is because once an order is placed, patterns are exclusively made and fabrics are cut as per the commissioned order for each individual as per the selected styles and measurements. For more specific answers to your questions about our return policy, please feel free to email us at

I lost the Trousers to my last Three Piece Suit I ordered from you, can I reorder just the Trousers?

Yes absolutely, from your account dashboard, you have the ability to view and reorder any item from your order history.

How can I contact Heritage House?

There are many ways to contact us. Please visit our contact us page for details.