The Power Suit

Contemporary Royal Blue Birdseye Weave G211276

Elegant Blue-Grey with Contemporary Lighter Blue Chalk Stripes PGN750034

Dark Royal Blue Subtle Plaid Weave with Contemporary Golden Brown Box Check Pattern G70282

Elegant Black with Subtle Royal Blue Box-Check Pattern G211341

Wide Width Pinstripes G211321

Dark Navy Blue with Subtle Dotted Lighter Blue Check Pattern G79210

Charcoal Grey with Elegant Deep Purple Chalk Stripes G79272

Navy Blue with Elegant Light Blue Chalk Stripes G79271

Subtle Two Tone Dotted Navy Blue with Golden Brown Box-Check Pattern G599358

Tone on Tone Royal Navy Blue Solid G70102

Navy Blue with Contemporary Royal Blue Chalk Stripes GMAS81

Elegant Black with Subtle Charcoal Grey Chalk Stripes GMAS79

Name Embroidered Inside the Jacket
    Yes     No


Type of Jacket
double breasted 6 using 2 peak lapel

Type of Side Pocket
Horizontal Pocket  

Type of Vent
back double vent


Pick Stitching

Functional Sleeve Buttons


Type of Trousers
no cuff no pleat

Type of Closure
Regular waistband closure with hook

Type of Waistband
with belt loops


Light Blue Contemporary Self Weave M(Royce) PTS6242

Elegant White Cross Wise Weave DFDBC5

Elegant White on White Houndstooth Pattern DFDBC22

Royal Blue Solid Twill Weave M(Royce) PTS6233

Soft Pink Contemporary Dotted Self Design DFDBC30

Elegant Royal Blue Herringbone Pattern DFBH6

Dress Pink Cross Wise Weave DFDBC5.2

Elegant Blue Cross Wise Weave DFDBC5.4

Beige Tan Subtle Micro Check Pattern DF100S163

Select Monogramming
    Yes     No


Type of Collar
Spread Collar

Type of Cuffs
French Cuff

with pocket

Type of Placket
Double Placket

Type of Shirt
tuck in