Business Redefined

Light Grey with a Tonal Grey and Light Grey Box-Check Plaid Pattern G2125401

Royal Blue in a Sporty Birdseye Pattern G2125436

Medium Blue with a Burgundy Box Check Pattern EX56802

Navy Blue with Blue-Grey Small Check Pattern G79217

Light Grey with Elegant Green Box Check Pattern PG701018

Dark Blue with Light Grey Contemporary Box Check Pattern PG701021

Light Grey with Tonal Grey and Purple Box Check Pattern PG701050

Navy with Light Blue in a Grey Dotted Check Pattern GMAS67

Name Embroidered Inside the Jacket
    Yes     No


Type of Side Pocket
Horizontal Pocket  

Type of Jacket
single breasted 2 button peak lapel

Type of Vent
back double vent

Pick Stitching


Functional Sleeve Buttons


Elegant Black Solid G790007

Midnight Blue Solid G790009

Elegant Deep Dark Brown Solid G79266

Two Tonel Blue-Grey Shark Skin Weave G79276

Dark Grey Birdseye Weave G79252

Light Black/Dark Birdseye Weave G79249

Royal Navy Blue Birdseye Weave G79250

Light Grey Subtle Circular Self Weave G79287

Elegant Medium Beige Tan Solid G79524

Elegant Medium Grey Shark Skin Weave G79502

Timeless Navy Blue Solid G79510

Elegant Light Grey Shark Skin Weave G79501


Type of Trousers
no cuff no pleat

Type of Closure
Regular waistband closure with hook

Type of Waistband
with belt loops


Light Blue Herringbone Weave G140151

White on White Self Check Pattern M(Royce) PTS6147

Egyptian Cotton A10114

Egyptian Cotton A10118

Red Micro Check Pattern KCQ9922

Light Grey Micro Check Pattern MRoyce241

Timeless Light Blue Herringbone Pattern MRoyce236

Light Pink Birdseye Weave MRoyce214

Tonal Elegant Purple Crosswise Solid Weave M(Royce) PTS6297

Select Monogramming
    Yes     No


Type of Shirt
tuck in

Type of Collar
Point Collar

Type of Cuffs
Regular Angled Cuff

Type of Placket
Double Placket

without pocket